ASEGURADORA ANCÓN was incorporated as an insurance company in October 1990 and began operations in May 1992.

It was born from the vision of a number of important local businessmen who wanted to establish an insurance company that would provide a new dynamic offer regarding insurances and bonds in the country; providing efficiency, security and confidence backed by the solidity, solvency, and liquidity of its shareholders.

Our Board of Directors and Executive Committee are conformed of successful businessmen, which are outstanding members of the social and economic community of Panama. They provide a wide and interesting variety of experiences and knowledge that nourish the operations of our company.

Our human resource is formed by a group of young and dynamic professionals, with extensive experience in the insurance industry and aware of the need to provide a service that exceeds the expectations of the customers.

We offer various types of policies both in the field of individuals (individual life, collective life, health and personal accidents), as well as in the general field (automobile, fire and related risks, electronic equipment, civil liability, theft, machine breakdown, and various risks) and all types of bonds including banking.

Since its beginnings, Aseguradora Ancón has grown progressively. Their achievements are characterized by a positive technical balance, a level of technical reserves in accordance with the size and distribution of their portfolio and an equity that exceeds several times the one required by our legislation and by the current Solvency Margin schemes.

We are pleased to personally present you our products and analyze your protection and insurance needs.